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Fundraiser for Susan and The Englishman


"Words you don’t want to wake up while on holiday 'there has been a fire in your apartment'. Seems like 2017 wasn’t done with giving us a terrible time. Not content with broken bones, tumours, cancer, floods and more it’s decided to throw a fire at us too. Thankfully the cat and cat sitter are both ok but the rest is not looking good."


Our dear friend Susan of Measure Twice Cut Once has endured an enormously shitty year, which has culminated in the loss of her home to a fire. Susan is an amazing designer, and has recently released a couple of awesome patterns just in time for summer. It would be awesome if you could drop into her site, check them (and the other great patterns) out, and perhaps buy a couple to help get her through this horrible time.



I'm also putting together some cute kits to go with these patterns. I have sold out of the first batch, but keep checking back, as I'll try to put some more up over the holidays. All profits the sale of these kits will go directly to Susan and her partner, The Englishman.

If you already have more patterns than you know what to do with (huh? Who ARE you?!), or would like to contribute a little extra, I have set up a donation button below.

I love this community we sewists/sewers/seamstresses/insert-preferred-term-here have built, and I'm really proud that we band together to help our friends when things go decidedly pear shaped.

Love to you all. x

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