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Finished Object Friday



Welcome! Finished Object Friday is a new series inspired by Emerald Erin's Bra-a-Week posts. While I'm not sure I'm quite up to making a bra every week, I think the regular commitment to improving skills and learning new ones is a great way to fast-track my further education in bra making, activewear and swimwear.

To be honest, this project feels like a bit of a cheat. It probably has the greatest effort to satisfaction ratio of anything I've ever sewn.

I'm talking about Pin-Up Girls Boy Shorts Collection.

I wanted something quick and easy to try out the new 7.5" stretch lace we have in store. We have the lace in two colours, Denim Blue and Black. I'm a sucker for black lace, but the blue is a lovey shade that tends to grey, but looks great with navy and periwinkle as well as dusty pinks (Hopefully my next project can be a bit more adventurous in terms of colour combinations!).

Unlike a lot of lightweight stretch laces, this one has a lovely substantial feel to it, while remaining soft and not at all scratchy. It has about 40% stretch, so I sized up for my knickers as per the instructions (the pattern calls for at least 50% stretch), and the size feels good.

The pattern is simple, with clear instructions and hints about the types of stitches to use if using a sewing machine instead of an overlocker/serger. I, of course, chose to ignore these hints, and sewed the seams with the lightning zig-zag on my machine, and then finished the edges with a wide regular zig-zag. I found this made for a slightly neater finish, and kept the seam allowances under control when sewing the inseam.

I also tacked the seam allowance down with a straight stitch for a few millimetres at the centre front and back waist. I found this kept the waistline looking neater where the scallops meet at the seam.

The gusset lining is just a scrap of jersey, zig-zagged over the seam intersection. To keep the seam intersection from becoming too lumpy, I zig-zagged the seam allowance flat to one side. I also finger pressed the centre front and centre back seams to opposite sides at the intersection before sewing.

To finish them off, I sewed a little piece of white satin ribbon (all I had to hand, must tidy this mess!) to the centre back, to save confusion over which side is front and back. You could equally sew a little bow to the centre front, but I wanted the lace to shine on it's own.

One word of caution if you are making the all lace view of the Boy Shorts: if you are blessed with a substantial amount of junk in the trunk area, be aware these shorts are quite low rise on the backside. I am most definitely not blessed, and 7.5" lace is quite cheeky on me. It's a very cute look, but if it's not for you, you may be better served using a wider stretch lace, or sticking with one of the knit fabric views.

The boy shorts took under half an hour to cut and sew the first pair, so I naturally made a second pair straight away. For some bizarre reason I can't explain, I cut the first pair in the smallest size, so the second pair fit me quite happily.

I'm aiming to make something for my top half for next week!

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